Gateways to Fatehgarh Sahib


Gateways to reach Fatehgarh Sahib:

On the solemn occasion of Tercentenary of the historically unparalleled martyrdom of the younger Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 4

(Four) commemorative gates were erected in 2004 at Fatehgarh Sahib. The gates have been named after the heroes' whose noble actions provided succour to the supreme sacrifice of the Sahibzadas.

Four beautiful commemorative gates to welcome visitors to Fatehgarh Sahib were constructed in 2004 on the occasion of tercentenary of martyrdom of the Sahibzadas. The first gate is named after Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan, which is situated near Madhopur Chowk on the road directly coming from Patiala to Fatehgarh Sahib. The second gate is named after Diwan Todar Mal. It provides the unhindered access to Fatehgarh Sahib from National Highway No.1, for those coming from Ambala or Ludhiana side for it is on this roadlink that there is a Railway over bridge(ROB). The third gate is named after Baba Banda Singh Bahadur which links Fatehgarh Sahib with Chandigarh. The fourth welcome gate is Moti Ram Mehra Gate and links Fatehgarh Sahib with Ropar, Ananadpur Sahib and Nangal Dam.


To Reach Fatehgarh Sahib by Bus:

By road Fatehgarh Sahib is 250 Kms from National Capital Delhi. The National Highway No.1 (Sher Shah Suri Marg) passes through it at Sirhind and Mandi Gobindgarh situated in the district. All buses traversing the Delhi-Amritsar section halt here. For those wishing to visit Fatehgarh Sahib after landing at the Delhi Airport, the Indo-Canadian Bus service runs regular Delux bus services from the Airport to Amritsar and these buses halt at Sirhind and Mandi Gobindgarh. For details please log on to their web site:

There are also regular bus services to Fatehgarh Sahib from Chandigarh, Patiala and Ropar.

To Reach Fatehgarh Sahib by Train:

The District has Sirhind Junction Railway Station on the Delhi-Amritsar section. This junction links the country with the Ropar and Nangal Dam. On the Sirhind-Nangal railway line, there is a railway station at Fatehgarh Sahib. Many Express and Super fast trains halt at Sirhind Railway station. For more details regarding the trains, kindly log on to their web site

Fatehgarh Sahib has no direct Rail link to the State capital Chandigarh. But once the Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line becomes fully operational Sirhind will have a direct railway link to Chandigarh as well.


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