A Sikh Historian


Sardar Rattan Singh Bhangu- A Sikh Historian.

Sardar Rattan Singh Bhangu was one of the first Sikh historians. His family is presently living in village Bharhi, District Fatehgarh Sahib. Sardar Rattan Singh Bhangu was the grandson of Sardar Mehtab Singh Meerankotia who had beheaded the dreaded Muslim chieftain Massa Rangar who had desecrated Hari Mandir Sahib at Amritsar.

Rattan Singh Bhangu from his childhood was fired with a mission to render a true account of the Sikh history. Hence he wrote the Sri Guru Panth Parkash.

It is believed that he researched for his book from 1808 to 1841. It was on the basis of his manuscripts that the first edition of Sri Guru Panth Parkash was published in 1914. The book is an authentic account of the Sikhs from the times of Guru Nanak to the rise of Sikh misls. Dedicated scholars like Sardar Rattan Singh Bhangu are very rare to find. He passed away in 1846.


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