Rice Straw Thermal Plant at Jalkheri


Rice Straw Thermal Plant at Jalkheri (1x10 MW) – Renewable Energy Source.

The thermal plant at Jalkheri, District Fatehgarh Sahib is the first plant in India which is based on use of Biomass i.e. renewable energy source. This plant can utilize rice husk, waste wood chips, straw of various plants e.g. paddy, wheat, etc. This plant was commissioned in June, 1992 on turn key basis by M/s BHEL for PSEB to utilize rice straw at a cost of Rs.47.2 crores.

Some teething problems were experienced initially being an experimental project, but with modifications, full 10 MW capacity has been achieved. As harvesting pattern in the Punjab has changed and farmers found it convenient to harvest crop with mechanical means and non-availability of adequate quantity of hand cut rice, the plant was further modified to accept any bio-mass e.g. any straw, rice husk, wood chips etc. The plant has been given on lease and is being operated at 10 MW i.e. full capacity on sustainable basis.


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