Mono Rail

Sirhind-Bassi Mono Rail

Today when the metropolitan cities of the state and the state capital Chandigarh are on the brink of introducing monorail transport system, can you believe that one of the first monorail in the world ran from Sirhind in district Fatehgarh Sahib to Morinda, a distance of 15 miles. In 1907, the first section of an unusual train connecting Bassi with Sirhind was started. Colonel Bowles, who designed this monorail ,became the State Engineer of Patiala. The track was a single rail along one side of the road. The rail carried approximately 95% of the weight and the wheel on road carried 5% of the weight and kept the train upright.

On account of tough competition from other modes of transport and difficulties faced in its maintenance, this was gradually abandoned and closed in 1927. One of the Engines of the monorail is now displayed the National Railway Museum ,NewDelhi.
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