All these Pensions are sanctioned by the BDOs and CDPOs. The forms can be had from their respective offices. The amount of pension is Rs. 250/- per month unless otherwise mentioned.

Old Age Pension Scheme

This scheme is for old men of 65 years or more and old ladies of 60 years or more whose monthly income is less than Rs. 1000/- singly or Rs. 1500/- jointly. Applications forms for this are available with the concerned CDPO. The pensions are first ratified in the 'Ijlaas' or gathering of the village and then sanctioned. An amount of Rs. 250/- is given every month. This scheme is not applicable to those old age people whose children are income/sale s tax assesses, doctors, engineers, advocates, chartered accountants or contractors.

Total number of people receiving old age pension- 26921 as on 30-06-2010

Financial Assistance to Widows & Destitute Women

This scheme is meant for widows or destitute women who are below the age of 60 years. The monthly income from all sources should be less than Rs.1000/-. A sum of Rs 250/- is paid monthly.

Total number of people receiving widow pension- 5836

Financial Assistance to Destitute Children

This scheme is meant for those destitute/orphan children who are below the age of 21 years and have nobody to look after them because of death of their parents or their inability due to disease or handicap. The monthly income of parents should be less than Rs.1000/-. For an orphan, this condition is not laid down. This scheme is extended to a maximum of two children in one family. A some of Rs. 250/- is paid to each child.

Total number of people receiving dependent children pension- 2903

Financial Assistance to Dependent Persons

This scheme is for permanently invalid people having disability of 50% or more. The monthly income should not be more than Rs.1000/- for single individual and Rs.1500/- for a couple. A sum of Rs 250/- is paid monthly.

Total no. of people receiving handicapped pension- 2695

National Old Age Pension Scheme

National Old Age Pension is centrally sponsored scheme. The age of beneficiary should be more than 65 years in both cases of ladies and gents and beneficiary has no or less source of income. In case of handicapped, issueless and widow will be preferred. The Amount of Pension is Rs. 200/- per month from 31-03-2010. Number of beneficiaries under this scheme are 2872

National Family Benefit Scheme

If the head of the family which is below poverty line expires, the family is entitled to get Rs.10000/- as one time aid. The deceased should be aged between 18 to 64 years. Target of this scheme is 80 cases per year.


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