Governance Reforms \ Sukhmani Society Fatehgarh Sahib

Manual No. File Name
Manual 0 Introduction
Manual 01 Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services Fatehgarh Sahib (SSCS- Fatehgarh Sahib)
Manual 02 Powers, functions, duties and responsibilities
Manual 04 Conduct of Business of the Board of Governors
Manual 05 RULES OF Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services, Fatehgarh Sahib. (SSCSFatehgarh Sahib)
Manual 06 Assets and Funds of Society
Manual 07 Constitution of the Board of Governors
Manual 08 Constitution of the Board of Governors
Manual 09 Name & Designation
Manual 10 Sanctioned staff
Manual 11 Manual 11
Manual 12 Manual 12
Manual 13 Manual 13
Manual 14 Information about District Sukhmani Society
Manual 15 Manual 15
Manual 16 Details of Public Information Officer
Manual 17 Income and Expenditure Year 2010-11
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