Health Services

The Health and Family Welfare Department is committed to provide preventive, promotive and curative Health Services to the people of the State through a good net-work of medical institutions such as sub-centers, subsidiary health centers (dispensaries/Clinics etc.), primary health centers, community health centers, Sub-Divisional and Distt. Hospitals.

Primary Health Care

The various National and State Health Programmes which have been launched to provide Primary Health Care include a crusade against Malaria, Tuberculosis, Blindness, Leprosy and AIDS. All the programs have been successfully implemented in the district.

Secondary Level Health Care System.

While the CHCs established in rural areas serve as the first level of referral services, the Hospitals at Sub-Divisional level and District Hospitals serve as secondary level of health care system and give support to the services being provided in the Primary Health Care System. Since CHCs in a way also provide specialist services, these can be considered as a part of the secondary level health care system.

Hospital Services at the secondary level play a vital and complementary role to the Primary Health Care System and together form a comprehensive district based health care system. A health care system based on PHC cannot exist without a network of hospitals with responsibilities for supporting primary care and hospital care. Both are essential part of a well-integrated health care system.

Delivery of Family Planning Services

Family Planning Services are available in the urban and rual areas. For futher details contact at

Office Of Civil Surgeon,

Fatehgarh Sahib